Here is a pictorial overview of a few items in our facilities. Firedrake has injection molding machines ranging from 1/3 oz. to 20 oz. capacity. Our tooling facilities allow us to make both hard and soft molds, fixtures and jigs.

Our 200 ton, 20 oz Cinncinati injection molder.

Here a simple rubber top mold is mounted in our 8 oz. 100 ton Van Dorn molding machine. This machine is capable of very rapid cycle times, while maintaining very low soft close pressures, which minimize the wear and tear on soft (aluminum) molds.

Our smaller, 4 oz. 50 ton Van Dorn.

Our 288 metric ton clamp 32 ounce Jet molder..

A new addition, a 50 ton 2.5 ounce Jet for small parts.

Mold storage. We store our customer's molds for up to one year between usages without charge. Molds stored for more than one year without being used will incur a small mold storage charge.


Here a mold for a knee protector takes shape on a Deckle. The hard aluminum used for soft molds can be machined much more quickly than steel, and takes a brilliant polish when needed.

Paralells for a mold base being machined.