Design & Engineering

Molded plastic parts should be optimized for economy and ease of production. This often involves changes in design. Very often, at this stage, consultation with the customer will generate improvements in appearance and function as well as decreasing costs and improving marketability.

When new products involving patentable material are being considered, it is wise to do preliminary design and engineering before applying for the patent, so that any improvements or modifications may be included in the patent application. This frequently improves the patentability of a product and assures a stronger patent position.

Firedrake Inc. offers design and engineering consultation as either a stand-alone service and/or as a portion of tooling prices. Mold quotations almost always include a charge for engineering design which is rolled into the mold price. On request, this charge may be broken out as a separate item which, in some cases, may be advantageous for tax purposes.

Part design and product improvements must be done in full consultation and with approval of the customer, while mold design is a Firedrake Inc. responsibility.